There is room for everyone in the Heart of Athens. None destitute without food, fewer homeless, fewer unemployed, no one socially excluded. This is the spirit and the goal of the Action Plan "Social Structures tackling poverty in the Municipality of Athens," which attempts through a network of four social structures: Liaison Office, Soup Kitchen and Food delivery, Open Day Care Center for the Homeless, Temporary Hospitality Shelter for the Homeless. By its completion in November 2015, the program aims to provide care to thousands of vulnerable fellow citizens.

The project is implemented by E.K.Po.S.P.O. Nostos, that is the coordinator, IASIS NGO and XEN (YWCA) - Greece. It is incorporated in the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development" co-financed by Greece and the European Union and supervised by the Company Development and Tourism Promotion Athens Development SA Municipalities of Athens.

The areas of reception, catering and overnight stays are created with respect to the suffering of our fellow citizens, and a series of other actions complement the project and give it integrated and holistic character. Counseling sessions and psycho-social support, information and liaison and events for the psychosocial empowerment of the beneficiaries are provided..

The outcome of the effort to heal wounds and provide solutions is depended on the practical solidarity of society towards our fellow people who saw their lives and their dignity swept by the crisis. For this reason, the network of our actions is related and connected to the existing services of the Municipality of Athens and we seek synergies with the wider community to work together to strengthen social cohesion. In this context, we appeal to individuals and companies for voluntary work or bids / donations (food, basic necessities or financial support) in order to set up  a strong social safety net and welfare.